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During the Fall 2020 semester, I was a part of a graphic design internship with the University of Illinois Research park. Through this internship I created many different graphics like event graphics for social media, logos for startup companies, and website designs.

Social Media Event Designs

TriviaParty_20201028_CTP_General Social
UIRP_Mythbusters_Graphics_General social

Part of my responsibilities were to create social media designs for the various events being held by Research park.  

Logo Designs

I was also involved in logo projects with startups that were a part of research park.  This design was for a startup that specialized in high-tech equipment for workers in extreme temperatures.  They wanted a logo that represented the modern technological aspect while combining with imagery of climate and protection

Ascent Integrated Tech Logo-01 copy.png
AIT_Logos_Round1-01 copy.png
AIT_Logos_Round2 copy.png

Final Design

AIT_Logos_Round3-06 copy.png

Round 1 designs

Round 2 Designs

Round 3 Designs

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